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Athlete. Racecar Driver. Competitor.

Win, lose, or draw, I live in the moment and take on every day with discipline, passion, and the courage to push myself to unknown limits. Champion, leader, all star, hall of famer; there are many titles I am striving for in my career as a  Racecar Driver. But, the most important one will always be difference maker.

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Tylee began racing at the age of 6 in the Young Guns class at KAM Kartway in 2021. She finished 2nd in Points with 17 total races, 5 Feature Wins, 11 Heat Wins, 10 Podium Finishes and 14 Top 5 Finishes. Late in the year she moved up to Jr 1 where, other than 2 DNFs due to mechanical failure, she finished every race in the top 5 and made the podium twice. 
In 2022, Tylee began the season in the JR1 class, moving up to the JR2 class midway through the season. She kept her streak of Top 5 finishes alive until very late in the year. With 2 points races to go, she rolled her kart at the green flag heading into turn one. Ending an almost 2 year streak, totaling 99 starts (heats and features) and spanning 3 race classes. Tylee finishes the KAM KARTWAY 2022 season 2nd in JR1 points and 4th in JR2, racing half a season in each class. Making 24 shows at 6 racetracks across Texas and Oklahoma, Tylee racked up 7 feature wins and 14 heat wins. She also snagged 20 total top 3 finishes (heats and features) and an additional 14 in the top 5. She also ends the season 6th in JR1 points at Slaton speedway where she pulled off a clean sweep winning 2 heats and the Feature in her one and only visit.

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